Kairos Open House

Kairos Counseling & Wellness 6001 Butler Lane, Suite 203 & 204, Scotts Valley, United States

Our dream is being realized! Come celebrate the opening of Kairos Counseling & Wellness—a place for the community to get support for mental, physical and spiritual issues. Meet the practitioners, check out our new space, find out what we are about, and visit with friends! Drinks & Appetizers will be served!  

Essential Oils and Emotional Health

Kairos Counseling & Wellness 6001 Butler Ln suite 204, Scotts Valley, CA, United States

The holidays can be filled with the joys of communal gatherings, festive decorations and shared traditions. They can also be a difficult time of year in which the additional stresses of over-packed schedules and stretched budgets leave you feeling more like the Grinch or Good Ole Ebenezer. In this hour long class taught by Mona […]

Therapeutic Oils of the Bible

Kairos Counseling & Wellness

You know about frankincense and myrrh but these are just two of the many therapeutic plants mentioned in the Biblical narrative. Want to know more? Come join us for a free insightful and fun evening exploring some of these medicinal herbs that are still used today. Mona Smith will be teaching, and as always she […]

21 Day Purification Program

The change of season provides a wonderful opportunity to push your internal "reset" button! Join us for a whole-foods based purification program designed to support your body's built in detoxification systems. Just about everyone can benefit from this nourishing protocol but it is especially helpful for boosting immunity and energy, balancing blood sugar and digestive […]

21 Day Purification Kick Off and Open House

Whether you're already signed up for our Purification Program, are supporting someone who is or are simply curious as to what this is all about you are welcome to join us for an informal evening exploring health! The evening will include delicious snacks and recipes, free health scans, lifestyle purification ideas and products and a […]


Supercharge your Immune System

Kairos Counseling & Wellness 6001 Butler Ln suite 204, Scotts Valley, CA, United States

It's a New Year and an opportune time to give your immune system an extra boost! Come join us for a fun and experiential evening where we'll cover some immune system basics, explore preventative measures and cover tips for fighting off those pesky colds and flus. Our holistic workshop will include dietary principles, herbal remedies, […]