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A Clean Sweep: Practical Tips for Home Detox

In last month’s post we explored ways that you can minimize your toxic load with an overhaul of personal care products. This month we’ll expand on that journey by identifying common toxins found in homes and discuss ways that you can protect and enrich the health of your family and the environment. WHY DOES IT […]

Cleaning Up Your Personal Care Products

COULD THAT “CLEAN” SMELL OR LOOK THAT YOU LOVE ACTUALLY BE MUCH “DIRTIER” THAN YOU WOULD THINK? Most of us have a daily routine that includes at least a few personal care products such as deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cosmetics and perhaps perfume or cologne. The question is: have you ever really looked at the […]

What’s the Problem with Plastic?

   What’s the Problem with Plastic? Plastics have become a ubiquitous part of life and you’ve likely heard at least some rumblings about their health hazards. You may already be on a mission to kick all species of plastic to the curb or you may be blissfully unaware of the effects of that plastic bag […]

An Autumnal Update

In this beautiful autumn season we are reminded of the oft- quoted phrase, “the only constant is change”. This it seems has proven true within our practice at Kairos as well. We began our journey over a year ago as a group of five and this summer that number shifted to two as Kristi, Mary Jean […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s been an exciting 6 months for us at Kairos Counseling and Wellness! Since we opened our doors on July 1, 2015 our practice has continued to grow and has included the addition of another office space. We are grateful for your support in this new venture as evidenced by your calls, emails, notes, words […]